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Hotel Termag Jahorina

... Right where the ground most tenderly meets the skies, lays the mountain of Jahorina, shaped by winds and centuries. ...The mountain – the sculptor of identities of the people living up in the mountain and together with it, surrounded by the beauty of centuries-old forests and mountain meadows. ...The scenery of infinite beauty of endemic plants becomes in summer time the place filled with tranquillity and the sounds of nature.... Mountaineering adventurism, a sharp flavour of the air and biting winds on the 20 km long Olympic ski slopes and ski lifts wherever those who are tired may seek rest. ... The skies bequeathed to free eagles and falcons, the ground and water to deer, and the mountain itself – as a divine inspiration, as a natural heritage – bequeathed to men to cherish it and make it accessible to others. It has been left to Us - the people, to Us, to Us in Termag, to Termag to distil in its original idea, in its alchemist's towers, an elixir given by nature to make the unexpected guests reach the goblet of the “living water”. Have a drink, it's on Jahorina! Termag sprung from the heart of the vigour-inspired youth of a generation that has to return to the nature what was taken from it, the generation which is able, with its mind in the stars and hands on clumps of earth, to create such a magic among streams and branches, the generation boasting the courage and heart of a guardian of natural beauties, and the power of magnetic attraction to share it with others. Have a drink served by Termag!

Basic information
4 Stars
Address Jahorina Poljice
City Jahorina
Country Bosnia And Herzegowin
Number of rooms 0
Phone number 387 (57) 272100
Fax number
Web-site http://www.termaghotel.com

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