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Banja Laktasi

he Spa-recreation Centre Laktaši is one of the most respectable and the most known tourist and catering potential of Republic of Srpska, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. „Laktaši Spa“ and Hotel „San“ are located within the Centre, forming true unity of natural and urban, traditional and innovative - a place to meet the needs of your most delicate and sensitive senses. It is indisputable that this place, settled in the centre of Laktaši, is oasis of natural, healing and catering worthiness, which have become recognized in local, as well as in foreign tourist offer through the years. Therefore, the Spa-recreation Centre Laktaši is an intersection of all roads that lead to idyllic holiday, health, body and spirit care. Healing water in „Laktaši Spa“ has been known for its curative properties even in ancient times, and material evidences unambiguously refer that it had been used even in Roman times. Spa water is used for healing of locomotor system diseases and cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, nervous disorders, for treatment of geriatric diseases, s well as for recreation and tourist purposes. Water is clear, colourless, flavourless and sediment less, having slight gas bubbles. Contemporary development of spa begins in 1930, and numerous of expert institutes have conducted scientific researches on water quality, while the latest analyses were conducted by the Institute for Rehabilitation in Belgrade in 2001. Therapeutic water of „Laktaši Spa“ belongs to the category of warm hydrocarbonate calcium magnesium, carbonic acid oligomineral homeo-thermal waters, having temperature of 30,40C. In anion-cation content, calcium and magnesium ions prevail, as well as hydrocarbonate ions. The quantity of solute carbon dioxide (CO2), amounting to 1.25 g/l, provides additional quality of the water. Due to all above-mentioned qualities, the water is used for balneotherapy, as a secondary therapeutic medium. For this purpose, bathing (in bathtubs and swimming pool), massages and drinking are recommended. In addition, „Laktaši Spa“ offers you all other types of physical therapies.

Basic information
4 Stars
Address Karadordeva 44
City Laktasi
Country Bosnia And Herzegowin
Number of rooms 0
Phone number 387 (51) 532256
Fax number
Web-site http://www.banja-laktasi.info

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