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Banja Vrucica

Banja Vrucica as a complex offers 4 hotels with 1000 beds. The guests have at their disposal a number of facilities and services which present Banja Vrucica Spa as well-known natural spa, conference, recreation, manifestation and tourist center. Hotels Kardial, Posavina and Serbia and “Special Hospital” with Herzegovina hotel are surrounded by green forests, trees and picturesque parks. Besides accommodation they offer prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular, physical, rheumatologic and neurological disorders.

Basic information
4 Stars
Address Kosovska bb Banja Vrucica
City Teslic
Country Bosnia And Herzegowin
Number of rooms 0
Phone number 387 (53) 410030
Fax number
Web-site http://www.banja-vrucica.com

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