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Dream Castle Hotel

The Dream Castle Hotel, 4 stars, with 400 rooms, is just 10 minutes away from Disney Parks, Disney Village, TGV-train station and RER-station by free shuttle bus. The hotel*s concept *A castle through the ages* features different periods of European History: the Middle Ages, the Renaissance as well as the Baroque era. Experience the enchantment right at your arrival: the "Royal Court", the lobby, is decorated with a statue, knight armours, flags and banners to make your stay a majestic and unforgettable one. The Dream Castle Hotel combines all important elements of European History in culture, literature and architecture: our restaurants, the "Excalibur-Bar", the "Baron von M�nchhausen" suites and the mediaeval knight armours will add a touch of the sweet romance of chivalrous history to your stay which children as well as their parents will love.

Basic information
4 Stars
Address 40 Ave de la Fosse des Pressoirs Marne la Vallee Cedex 4
City Magny Le Hongre
Country France
Number of rooms 397
Phone number 33 (1) 64179016
Fax number 33 (1) 64179015
Web-site http://www.dreamcastle-hotel.com

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