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Asterion Beach Hotel And Suites

ASTERION BEACH HOTEL AND SUITES is a five-star Hotel, in perfect harmony with the Cretan environment, located directly on the beach front. Its spacious and luxurious Rooms and Suites, secure a comfortable and memorable stay, its restaurant provokes you with its delicious traditional tastes, and the pool with its pool bar can offer you precious moments of calmness and relaxation. In this ideal vacation scenery, you can be spoiled by the well known Asterion Hospitality with a 200 sq.mt. Swimming Pool, Restaurants, Pool Bar, Internet Corner, Mini Market, Gym, Relaxing Center (SPA), Children's Playroom, and more facilities dedicated to your vacation. Asterion, the son of Tektamos and Krythea, was the name of the first King of Crete who was given Europe as a wife from Zeus, once the god enjoyed three days of pure love with her. The Asterousia Mountains that lie along the southern coastline of Crete where named after him. According to the legend Asterion was one of the best archers, very famous for his accuracy. When god Zeus kidnapped Europe he brought her on Crete, under the Palace of Gortyna, and enjoyed three days of lovemaking with her. From this coupling three children where born, Minoas, Rodamanthis and Sarpidon. Zeus did not want to leave Europe alone with three children, therefore he decided to give her as a wife to the King of Crete Asterion, whose generation was coming from Defkalion. Asterion did not conceive any children with Europe but he adopted the children of Zeus by breeding them as his own and inheritted to them his kingdom. The mythic tradition according to which King Asterion arise the sons of Zeus, Minoas, Rodamathis and Sarpidon, must grant the fact that the area of Asterousia Mountains in particular, and Southern Crete in general, presents the first growth of the Minoan world. The area is the first habitation of Minoans and establishes the first foundations of the Minoan Civilization. From here Minoas and Rodamanthis, after their breeding and education by their step father Asterion, ruled and founded the first great European Civilization (Minoas as the King of Knossos and Rodamanthis as the King of Phaistos). The historical truth of this legend is obvious. The archaeological findings at the area today confirm the first presumptions of the historians and archaeologists.

Basic information
5 Stars
Address Pyrgos Psilonerou (platanias)
City Chania
Country Greece
Number of rooms 0
Phone number 30 (282) 120947
Fax number
Web-site http://www.asterionhotel.com

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