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Ekies all senses resort

Let yourself unwind from everything that ties you down in your everyday life in a modern serene environment- where all boundaries are crossed between extremities and simplicity- between a luxurious and a mellow atmosphere and between time and space. The personable accommodating character of EKIES in combination with the discreet influence of the feng shui philosophy offer an ideal setting to get away to. There is a fine balance that brings together figures of the past- nature and minimalism- design pieces of Arad- Starck- OGhery and Castiglioni- with Greek elements- helping in the creation of a relaxed and restful environment which nonetheless keeps playing with your senses. The solid wood and Greek grey marble are combined and balance oyt the metal and steal. Natural unrefined materials take up a substantial part of the hotel space- as much on the inside as on the outside- in combination with a spontaneous- playful but carefully attended and detailed architecture there is a feeling created that make all the elements seem bound together. Here tradition co-exists with the present and spontaneity with detailed planning. You wont find anything excessive in the decor- from the handmade carpet that brings together the reception areas and the linen curtains that surround it- all the way to the huge cuddly sofa- table that welcomes you. In combination with the floored mirrors that are a substantial element throughout the hotel space- they are part of a game of senses and give somewhat of a theatrical tone to your experience. The unification of the elements is strongly to be felt in the way the outside space of the hotel is bound together with the sandy beach. A discreet ecological philosophy is distinctive of the architecture and the decoration- cultivating the sense of unity with nature. Lose sense of time enjoying the surroundings while resting on a hammock right by the sea- or on a comfortable eco-mattress by the pool. Property closed for business from- 15OCT09-28APR10

Basic information
4 Stars
Address Sithonia Vourvourou - Chalkidiki
City Vourvourou
Country Greece
Number of rooms 64
Phone number 30 (237) 5091000
Fax number 30 (237) 5091416
Web-site http://www.ekies.gr

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