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Hotel Vujic

"Divcibare" hotel is the most luxurious on famous plateau on Maljen mountain. Four-star hotel, belonging to hotel-tourist company "Vujic Divcibare" was completely renovated in 2007. Former "Balkanija", as it was named by the locals, represented the very heart of Divcibare, both for its ideal location in the centre of air bath, impressive architectural features and miscellaneous hotel programs. Making AD "Sloga" private, the hotel which was one of the most important hotel structure in ex -Yugoslavia, brought back its former glow. Today, the hotel is reconstructed in details, enriched by miscellaneous programs, and it is considered to be an ideal place for rest during whole year. Vicinity of town Valjevo and cities Belgrade and Novi Sad makes this place an attractive destination for different categories of tourists.

Basic information
4 Stars
Address Divcibare bb
City Divcibare
Country Serbia
Number of rooms 0
Phone number 381 (142) 77120
Fax number
Web-site http://www.vujicdivcibare.com

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